EarthX was created by a team of realists aiming to better understand our planet. EarthX is a new geospatial platform advancing digital mapping, data visualization and communications. Explore, experience and experiment with the relationships between people, planet and possible futures.



Our aim is to design and develop easy-to-use geospatial software for exploration, data visualization, learning and play.



We connect you with engaging ways to visualize and make sense of global information.
  •      Generating new and exciting content from various sources, contributors and perspectives
  •      Making map data accessible, engaging and enjoyable
  •      Building learning tools that go beyond convention
  •      Creating content and tools to define and help address global problems



Digital maps and geospatial tools have been around for a while — EarthX builds on great advances in technology to create a new global knowledge-based resource.
  •     Merging technology, ideas, history, science and art
  •      Radically transforming the way we envision ourselves as a species and the planet we inhabit
  •      Making ‘invisible’ connections – visible
  •      Making digital learning meaningful, relevant and fun
EarthX is designed to make the links between human actions and evolutionary changes to the planet much clearer. Achieving this shared understanding is what drives our talented team. The challenges that will define our era – balancing the advancements of industry with the safeguarding of ecosystems; restoring the health of our oceans; accelerating the shift towards long-term energy solution; population expansion; optimizing resource utilization – all require new ways of perceiving and understanding our planet and human-created reality. As emerging planetary citizens we need a planetary perspective.