We are toolmakers and storytellers


The EarthX team embodies decades of work in geospatial software design, development, and data visualization. We’re always on the lookout for bright talent who can contribute to and enhance the capabilities of this enterprise. Each day we seek to further research, design and develop the product and platform. We believe great ideas can only be realized through great people. We’re a quick, agile and creative group. Which means we seek out new ways to do things, new ways to connect, new things to learn. We work to be a company that’s recognized for its quality, conscience and integrity.

When we understand our place on the planet, when we visualize patterns and trends, when we discover connections and relationships, we become agents of change.

The EarthX team is focused on building a platform and tools to accelerate understanding at a global scale. We have a world-class, multidisciplinary team dedicated to innovation and excellence in this regard. We bring together visionaries, designers, storytellers, scientists and educators to create durable digital products with value and significance. We seek to nurture a corporate culture that attracts and empowers positive people, ideas and projects. Our work-spaces are ‘idea labs’ incubating ideas from concept to reality.