EarthX is a data visualisation platform with proprietary 3D globe technology and mapping tools. We provide web-based software which allows you to use data and media content to create interactive map layers and cinematic stories, called GeoStories. 

Unlocking the world's geospatial data

We provide the mapping tools to easily and quickly create visualizations and tell stories using real-time or historical geospatial data. Our map layer library is pre-curated to assist users. Layers range from planetary, geographical, ecological, technological and industrial data, through to economic, cultural and social data sets.

With a mission to accelerate global understanding, we enable users to explore multiple layers to gain in-depth knowledge of the world and the various challenges that define our era. The platform is designed for mainstream audiences, as we make geospatial data more accessible and easier to understand than ever before. 

Using our software and tools, you can transform data into compelling and memorable 3D map layers and GeoStories that literally explain underlying global patterns and trends. The platform is web-based and available as a desktop or mobile application.  

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"The true value of the platform and what we believe is a common need, is the ability to translate complex data into simple and memorable visualizations. We then use cinematic storytelling techniques to explain the data so that general users can begin to comprehend complex issues.”

Omar Fayed, Co-Founder


We are the world’s global data repository. We aim to unlock key geospatial data which can help to illuminate and address some of the greatest challenges of our day, e.g. climate change, forest loss, economic uncertainty.

By empowering people to interact with data to learn more about the world, and challenges that define our era, we can facilitate positive change. People are becoming ever-more connected and human actions have real and large-scale consequences. EarthX can help to convey that by enabling new ways of seeing and understanding our world, showcasing the data in every action we make.


When communicating information, it is not just about what you say, but how you say it - data is no different. Data visualization makes information more meaningful, useful and relevant. Patterns and trends that might be difficult to consume in numeric and text-based data can be exposed and explored with digital map-based visualizations.

Our technology focuses not only on helping users to build narratives with their data, to more effectively communicate the underlying narratives within data. When we are inundated with data from all sides, it is even more imperative to focus on narrative, as narrative helps us to make sense of data.

We aim to accelerate global understanding by enabling people to create powerful stories from data, making even the most complex global themes readily relatable and understandable.

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Chief Technology Officer


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