Our Solutions

Our software interprets geospatial data and connects to spatial files like Shapefiles, KML, and GeoJSON to display custom visualizations on a 3D globe built in Javascript. The built-in geo-coding queries relational databases, online analytical processing cubes, cloud databases, and spreadsheets to generate 3D visualisations.

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EarthX Explorer

EarthX Explorer is a 3D and interactive application, allowing users to explore the entire globe and any information curated within, from the moon’s orbit down to a few meters above the surface.  EarthX Explorer supports highly accurate projections of the 3D ellipsoidal globe and flat 2D maps with 30-meter elevation models and supports satellite imagery well-below sub-meter resolution.

 Cloud-based geospatial server 

 Data visualization tools 

 Real-time data processing 

 Custom UI (for segment focus) 

 User authentication 

 Public and private portal

We have a modular plugin architecture for data analytics and real-time data source APIs, allowing its existing data ingestion and analytics capabilities to be continuously and efficiently developed and updated.

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Ecosystem platform

EarthX Explorer can be accessed in our open-source platform at app.earthx.com with hundreds of curated data Layers and GeoStories already deployed and available to use. Users can securely upload their data to create Layers and GeoStories that are publicly accessible and can be viewed in context with other open data for the world to see.

Dedicated platform

EarthX Explorer can equally be used as a managed app, containing only your data, and hosted on your own website or on a subdomain.

 Highly accurate projections of the 3D ellipsoidal globe

 Flat 2D maps with 30-meter elevation models

 Satellite imagery well-below sub-meter resolution

Bringing data down to earth

There is no software for users to install or configure. We use a modern Progressive Web Application (PWA) framework that runs in the browser (i,e. web-based) so it is simple to access. The PWA is served from a high-performance, low-latency EarthXCore server supported by a Content Delivery Network (CDN) with global coverage and high-speed backend Data Store. This makes our software very efficient to use.