Our History

EarthX was concepted in early 2015 based on earlier work done through the NASA’s World Wind Project, an open source virtual globe that was among the first of its kind. Built in the spirit of World Wind and guided by a similar commitment to making geographic information widely available and readily accessible to anyone on any device anywhere in the world, EarthX aspires to create "aha!" moments in the minds of our users by enabling them to see and understand their world as never before:

  • To find joy and excitement in the exploration of visually stunning, information-rich data layers;

  • To make and share discoveries that begin to unlock Earth’s mysteries;

  • To promote a better understanding of our planet, the connections between people and the planet, and facilitate informed decision-making based on credible geospatial information.

  • To enable an informed society which chooses to better manage our shared resources and leave the planet in a better state for future generations.

EarthX began to assemble its content database by working with select partners who share the same vision and mission. Developed in collaboration with like-minded federal agencies, Not-for-profit organizations, NGOs, academic institutions, and research organizations, the EarthX platform promises content with the depth and diversity to provide innumerable opportunities for interconnections that deliver “aha!” moments to individuals and organizations alike.