Partner with Us

If you are interested in exploring better ways to visualize your data, in creating GeoStories to bring your data to life, or communicate what you want to do in a more memorable way, let us know. We would love to work with you through our Partnership Program.

Who We Would Like to Work With

  • Academic and research professionals and groups as well as federal agencies

  • Not-for-profit organzations

  • News agencies and electronic journals

  • For-profit and social media companies

Benefits of Joining Partnership Program Now

As early adopters and champions of our efforts in building a geospatial platform, you will receive our platform, applications, and software services free of charge. In addition, our team will offer customized and dedicated support in helping you create new content in the form of map layers and geostories.

Partnership Agreements

Because of our level of commitment to the success of our partners, we are selective in pursuing partnership opportunities. We are specifically interested in working with partners who:

  • Commit to co-creating themes or stories based on available data or layers

  • Have ownership or access to geographic data or have ownership or access to pre-made layers that can be incorporated into the EarthX platform

  • Will collaborate and work with the EarthX team to visualize data using proprietary EarthX software, tools, and technology

  • Will review and provide feedback on planned releases of new software features

  • Have the desire for long-term collaboration with EarthX beyond an initial launch

EarthX Partners