The EarthX platform serves as an innovative bridge connecting geospatial content to an engaged community

EarthX Platform


Layers are a principle component of the EarthX platform and are created through the process of visualizing and overlaying interactive geographic data onto a digital globe. Because we are building a go-to source for all geographic information, we are interested in not only assimilating a diverse array of layers and content, but also showing how information is interrelated. Whether scientific, technology specific, or cultural, our platform is designed to assimilate all information on a digital globe.

Import existing layers

Content creators can import pre-created layers into the EarthX platform in the form of GeoTIFF, GeoJSON, shape, and in some cases KML files. Layers can be visualized interactively through a Web Mapping Service (WMS) through raster or vector format.

Create new layers

Content creators can transform data into visualized layers which can be published on the platform and also shared via URL links. The authoring tools used to visualize data are simple to use and allow anyone to customize their data in unique and compelling ways.

Visualized point data of interactive files. Source: Nature Soundmap

Visualized chloropleth layer of populations over 60. Source: HelpAge International

Imported layer of atmospheric CO2. Source: NOAA Global Monitoring Division


Create GeoStories

Geostories are cinemtic narratives that explore and describe the unique discoveries found within and between layers. To create geostories, user combine one more layer in the form of bookmarks, with camera movements, audio narration, and pop-up annotations. Together, these elements are used to guide users along a memorable description of interesting discoveries. The vast content library ensures that creators make multiple comparisons and narratives that better explain their data in a regional or global context.


Create and share bookmarks

Bookmarks are the easiest way for you to capture and share discoveries on EarthX. Bookmarks capture your view and unique perspective of the globe. Turn on the layers that interest you, find a unique vantage point, and capture what you see. If you want to share your world with others, just post your bookmark as a link or send it to a friend so that everyone else can see what you’re looking at in EarthX and begin to explore it for themselves. By building a gallery of the bookmarks you have created and received from others, you’ll be able to visit a collection of favorite places and interesting views across the world at any given time.