The Team to Get us There

Omar Fayed FRSA

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Omar has a background in business development, strategy and management. His passion for geography, ecology and technology is manifested through EarthX with a focus on data visualization, mapping and communication. He also founded and sits as group CEO of ESTEE (Earth Space Technical Ecosystem Enterprises), a Swiss and UK based company whose vision and mission is to facilitate human space exploration, as well as ecologically optimized approaches of living within Earth’s Biosphere. Omar is a director of the Ritz Paris and was formerly a director of Harrods, overseeing its successful $1.5bn sale to Qatar Holdings in May 2010.

Manno Andrade França

Co-Founder, Director

Manno oversees company strategy within EarthX and is responsible for strategic partnerships and outreach. He is an expert in geospatial intelligence and strategic planning, as well as a researcher in forest fire management and ecological techniques in tropical regions. He worked as an advisor to the government in Brazil between 2010 and 2013, where he coordinated the Department of Geospatial Intelligence and was responsible for the establishment of biological corridors and protected areas in different biomes. During that period, he was also involved with the development of new systems and platforms to make geographical information and environmental knowledge widely accessible to the public.

Lyndon-Marc Adade


Lyndon-Marc oversees internal and external communications for EarthX. He is responsible for defining and administering the communications strategy on behalf of the Company. Lyndon-Marc engages with a wide range of stakeholders on behalf of EarthX, including employees, Board members, media, and partners. Having formerly served as the youngest-ever Director at one of the UK's leading communications agencies, Lyndon-Marc has been a trusted advisor to listed and non-listed entities. He previously worked in counter-terrorism communications.

Jeff Addison

Chief Technology Engineer

Jeff is responsible for building the core technology of the EarthX platform. Jeff brings over two decades of commercial, high-tech product architecture and development experience to EarthX. He has developed scientific software for many organizations including the US Air Force, the Air National Guard, NASA, StarFish Medical, DaimlerChrysler, Perceptron, and Delphi Automotive. Over the past 15 years, Jeff has dedicated his career to developing sophisticated, geospatial analysis and visualization applications. He has led teams to develop applications in the areas of situational awareness, environmental management, forest fire management, and global education. He has pioneered the design of innovative and intuitive user-interfaces for these applications and established himself as an expert in this field. Using his combination of geospatial and remote sensing knowledge, he continuously strives to develop new ways to visualize, analyze and extract information from geospatial data sets.

Dean Addison

Senior Engineer

Dean is responsible for building the core technology of the EarthX platform. He started out with a BSc in Physics and a MASc in Engineering and developed novel image and signal processing software in fields related to architecture, underwater acoustics, and geospatial information systems. Over the last 30 years, Dean has built his career creating successful, commercial and industrial software and hardware products, with and for government organizations and innovative companies like Carmanah Engineering, Wavemakers Research, TIR Systems, and StarFish Medical. In his senior management roles, he has led Engineering teams at those and other companies. His ideal environment is within those teams, in the superposition of discovery, creativity, and knowledge, solving problems that matter; that help improve us and the world around us.

Ravi Kapur

Geostory Lead

Ravi has extensive experience in education, science communication, media, interactive technology, public policy, and public sector innovation. He has held senior level positions for organisations working across the schools, higher education and further education sectors, and in government agencies in the UK. Ravi is also a highly experienced broadcast, film and educational video producer. His film and television work has included involvement in primetime BBC landmark series, IMAX films, science, education and documentary programmes for a range of broadcasters in the UK and internationally, Teachers TV, policy development films, and projects relating to climate change. He acts as Executive Producer or Producer on many of Imperative Communications’ film and video projects.

Shana Sandhar

HR Manager

Shana is EarthX's Human Resources Manager, responsible for implementing strategies that enable the company to retain a high performing and motivated workforce. Shana's experience in human resource management makes her an invaluable member of the EarthX team. Her experience includes driving operational efficiency for small businesses and working for mission driven organizations. She has worked for the Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA), Asian American Recovery Services (AARS), and the San Francisco Sheriffs Department (SFSD). Shana earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from San Francisco State University and her Masters of Science in Human Resources at Golden Gate University in San Francisco.